The Light Traveler Project

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The Light Traveler Project is an opportunity to send tokens of love and peace around the world. Despite our differing perspectives, political and religious backgrounds, our common wish is for peace and love throughout the Earth. Each of our Light Traveler ceramic objects, including turtles, mermaids, angels and other figures has been made with love by Lily, some of her students, and others who are wishing to spread light and peace. You can help us track your Light Traveler by registering it at our website with the serial number located on the back. May these figures bring light and a little peace to the hearts of all who find them.

If you have found one of figures or have created your own, please leave its current location and serial number in the comments below, with your loving message. We would love to update the map regularly with all the places our figures have traveled to.

With peace and love,

Lily and the rest of the Lily the Potter family



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